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Law enforcement seeing increase in scams in area

The Swift County Sheriff’s Office has received several calls regarding a common scam.  In this scam, people are receiving phone calls with the caller telling them that they have won a new car and all they have to do is pay them $500 to receive it. 
This is a scam - so do not send or give the caller any information, the sheriff’s office strongly advises.   The caller will even go as far as saying he is going to meet you at the bank, but he never shows.  Unfortunately, with the phone number cannot be traced.  Trying to call the number on your caller ID back is fruitless.
Another scam the sheriff’s office is the “Grandparent or Family Member Scam.”  This is when a caller tells you your grandchild or child is in trouble in another country and you need to wire money to them to help them out. 
“Always verify that your Family member or grandchild is actually there by asking to talk to them directly and then also verify with other family members to see that person actually had gone to that country,” Sheriff John Holtz says.
People have given their information out to strangers who then use this information to benefit themselves.

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