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Charter going to all digital signal in September

Lead Summary

Charter Communications is planning on changing the City of Benson’s television and internet service to an all-digital service in September, eliminating the analog signal.
It says the conversion from analog to digital signals will allow it to increase the quality of the picture its customers receive as well as offer more than 200 high definition television channels.
Further, with the change Charter says it will also be able to almost double internet speeds to customers in the city.
Changing the signal from analog to digital does involve changing Charter’s cable lines from copper to fiber optic. Fiber allows a much larger and faster flow of information.
The change will mean that everyone who wants Charter television service will have to have a box to go with their TVs to unscramble the digital signal the company will be sending. The cost of those boxes is $6.99 per month. Charter says it will offer the boxes to its customers who don’t have them for free for a year or more so they can get used to them.
As part of the change, Charter also plans to realign the channel numbers that correspond to the stations its customers watch.

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