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Backyard chickens meeting May 28

Proponents, and opponents, of the City of Benson allowing residents to have up to four chickens in their backyards will have the chance to air their opinions at a public meeting Wednesday, May 28, at 7 p.m. The meeting is set to take place in the council chambers in city hall.
The city’s planning commission will listen to what those at the meeting have to say and then make a recommendation to the Benson City Council. Currently, the city’s animal ordinance prohibits people from keeping chickens.
A group calling itself  “Citizens for Chickens” came to the council’s May 5 meeting to request the city gather information from Benson residents to gauge the level of support for backyard chickens.
The group has proposed the city amend its law to allow a homeowner to raise up to four hens on their property. They say no roosters should be allowed. They recommend a fee of $20 for a three-year permit to have the chickens.

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