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Area sees wettest first six months on record - 21.98 inches

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Despite 9.27 inches of rain falling in June, the month will only go down as the fourth wettest on record.  June 1952 saw the most rain with 12.5 inches followed by 1952 with 10.45 and 9.35 in 1983.
However, the area has now seen the wettest first six months of the year and the wettest April through June period.
Benson saw 19.78 inches of precipitation between April 1 and June 30, shattering the 1953 record for the three-month period of 16.79 inches by nearly 3 inches.
The city has now seen 21.98 inches of precipitation through the first half of the year, which beat the old record for the January to June period of 21.85 inches. That old record was also from 1953.
Fortunately, the area missed the heavy rainfalls that were forecast for the weekend. Going into Friday, the National Weather Service called for an 80 percent chance of rain for Friday and Saturday. But one line of storms Saturday formed in eastern South Dakota and moved mostly northward, fizzling out as they moved into western Minnesota.
Photo: Fields are gradually drying out, but there could be a 3 to 5 percent loss in whole field yields due to drowned out areas.

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