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County Real Property:
Property described as Parcel ID No. 23-1412-000, located at 640 Atlantic Ave., Benson, MN 56215.
Responses to this RFP will be accepted until 4:30 PM on December 1, 2021, by the Swift County Board of Commissioners at the Office of the County Administrator, 301 14th Street North, Benson, MN, 56215, to purchase County-owned real property. The parcel included in this RFP is legally described below.
The Swift County Board of Commissioners shall receive all proposals submitted in conformity with this solicitation at their Board meetings set for December 8,  2021 at 5:00 pm.  A response to this solicitation does not create any rights on the party of the responding party and the Swift County Board of Commissioners reserves the right to reject and or all solicitations responses.
Property described as: Parcel ID No. 23-1412-000
 Physical Address of 640 Atlantic Ave, Benson, MN
Legally Described as follows:
That part of the SW1/4SE1/4 of Section 5 Township 121 Range 39, Swift County, Minnesota described as follows: Commencing at the NE corner of the SW1/4SE1/4 of said Section 5; thence North 87 degrees, 54 feet 51 inches West, assumed bearing, along the North line of said SW1/4SE1/4 227.00 feet, thence South 0 degrees 47 feet 33 inches West, parallel with the East line of said SW1/4SE1/4 769.52 feet; thence North  60 degrees 10 feet 07 inches West32.61 feet; to the point of beginning of the tract to be described; thence continue North 60degrees 10 feet 07 inches West 260.43 feet; thence South 28 degrees 11 feet  05 inches West 115.00 feet more or less to the Nly r-o-w line of US Trunk Highway No. 12; thence  Southeasterly along said r-o-w line 260.32 feet more or less to a line bearing S 29 degrees 11 feet 05 inches West from the point of beginning ; thence North 28 degrees 11 feet 05 inches  East 107 feet more or less to the point of beginning. Subject to easements of record. Contains 0.66 acres more or less.

The property offered in this solicitation is offered in “as-is” condition and Swift County makes no warranties regarding the fitness of the property or building for any particular purpose. Parties responding to this solicitation should engage in their own inspection, research and other due diligence to assess the fitness of the parcel, any structure for any particular intended use, zoning requirements, special assessments, easements, and shared utilities, which includes a shared well agreement on record contained in document 180317 in the office of Land Records of Swift County, Minnesota.  
Site Viewing. It is the proposer’s responsibility to examine all relevant information and visit the site informing themselves of all existing conditions prior to submitting a proposal. Pre-proposal access can be scheduled and any questions directed to Kelsey Baker, Swift County Administrator, 301 14th Street North, Benson MN, 56215, Office: 320-314-8399; prior to submitting a proposal. Any access that will involve intrusion into the ground or otherwise alter the property in any way may only be done under the authority of an Access Agreement.
Any party wishing to submit a proposal in response to this RFP shall comply with the following:
1. Proposals shall clearly state an offered purchase price for the property.
2. Proposals shall clearly identify the intended use of the property, specifically including any plan to demolish the current structure or build any structure on the property and any new access points that may be needed.
Contract and Payment. Selection of a proposal by the County Board does not create a purchase agreement. If selected, the proposing party must enter into a written purchase agreement with the County. The agreement will specify the specific terms of the sale.
Swift County does not through this solicitation create an express or implied promise that the parcel or building is suitable for any particular purpose or that any required zoning change, variance, conditional use permit or other authorization for nonconforming use required for the proposer’s intended use will be granted.
Swift County reserves the right to accept or reject any or all responses after assessing which proposal will provide the best value to Swift County, taking into account the proposed purchase price and intended use of the property. It is the responsibility of the proposing party to obtain any further information they feel necessary to submit a proposal.
Parties may request and receive an electronic format version of this RFP by sending an email request to Swift County Administrator at
TO:        Swift County Board of Commissioners
SUBJECT:     Proposal for purchase of County-owned real property
        ID 23-1412-000, located at 640 Atlantic Avenue,
        Benson, MN as the same is platted and recorded
        in the office of Land Records of
        Swift County, Minnesota.
The undersigned proposes to purchase the County-owned property specific in this solicitation and has provided all known information regarding the proposer’s intended use of the parcel(s), as follows:
PURCHASE AMOUNT    $_____________________     
Description of intended use (please use additional sheet, if necessary):
Submitted By:
_________________________________________________________Name (Individual or Company)
____________        ___________________       ______________
City                   State                               Zip Code
Authorized Signature
___________________________       ____________________________
Title                                                Date
___________________________       ____________________________
E-mail Address                                Telephone Number
To be considered, return this form, filled out, to the Swift County Administrator at 301 14th Street North, Benson, MN, 56215, by 4:30 p.m. on December 1, 2021. Email submission of this completed for may also be made by the same date and time and sent to

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