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Federal government sequester could cost county about $250,000

If all the cuts required by the federal government’s sequester impasse are eventually implemented, it could mean the loss of as much as $250,000 in grants and funding for Swift County.

That is a rough estimate given to the board of commissioners at their meeting March 5 by Administrator Michel Pogge-Weaver – though he admits that it is very early to be projecting the impact.  Pogge-Weaver asked the county department heads to let him know what the sequester’s impact would be on their departments.

He expects the impacts to be very small in the next 60 to 90 days.

Human Services would be the department to see the quickest impact with its client services programs affected. Some funding for child support services in the county attorney’s office would see cuts.  The highway department shouldn’t see an impact in 2013 since those funds are already encumbered. But in 2014 there would be an impact, he said. The Veterans’ Services area should not see cuts.

The sequester’s cuts became effective March 1 when President Obama formally enacted the reductions. After days of dire warnings by administration officials leading up to the sequester’s implementation, the president told reporters the effects of the cuts would be felt only gradually.

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