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County approves funds for helipad

Lead Summary

Swift County will contribute $13,333 toward the cost of constructing a helipad two blocks west of the Swift County-Benson Hospital.
The site is a vacant lot just to the east of the Civic Center and north of Swift County Human Services building. It is projected that constructing the helipad will cost $20,000, but planning costs will also be another $20,000. The City of Benson is picking up one-third of the  $40,000 cost with SCBH paying for the other one-third.
The city will also have to bury power lines at a cost of $75,000 to $80,000. Benson owns the land the helipad is to be constructed on and is donating for the project.
The helipad will include a 42-square foot concrete landing pad, lighting and a windsock. The city has engaged Landteam, Inc., of Alexandria to do the engineering for the site.
“It is necessary to construct a heliport close to the hospital in order to avoid delays due to trains when we are transporting patients from the emergency room to the airport,” Benson City Manager Rob Wolfington told the county board.
Photo: Helipads are clearly marked and easy for medical facility access.  Photo by Alex Byland, Google, for Regions Hospital in the Twin Cities.

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