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City looks to bond for $990,000; heliport considered

Lead Summary

 To pay for $440,000 in water and sewer utility work done this year and to finance the $450,000 construction costs for a new building, Benson city staff will be working on a bonding resolution for council approval.
The proposed construction project would double the size of the current city street department building and would allow the city to discontinue use of the former Benson Bottling building. That building is used by the city parks department and for city bus storage. It is also used for storage by the Benson Police Department.
The Benson Bottling building is in such bad condition that is becoming unsafe, the city council has been told.
With interest at around 2.6 percent, now is the time to consider the bonding to pay for the sewer and water projects, as well as for the new construction City Director of Finance Glen Pederson told the council Monday night.

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