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Benson High School awarded $25,000 from State Farm contest

Lead Summary

Benson High School was awarded $25,000 from State Farm through the “Celebrate My Drive” contest.  In the picture above Mark Frank (back row, third from left) presented a check for $25,000 to BHS.  Ten percent of the money is designated toward safe driving, but the rest of the money will be divided among many different BHS organizations.  In the front row of the picture from left to right are Adam Foslien, Jonas Grossman, Trevor Berreau, Kathy Ahrndt, Shannon Schmidt, Kali Geyer, and Nicole Berens.  In back are Andrew Falk, Mayor Paul Kittelson, Mark Frank, Roger Ebnet, Scott Gonnerman, Brock Duncan, Barb Schwarz, Kendra Razink and Roger Lindahl.

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