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New spectator rules aimed at controlling behavior

By Reed Anfinson


During a recent basketball game at the Benson High School, a parent approached an event supervisor asking if the person had seen their four-year-old child. The parent hadn’t seen the child for nearly half an hour.

At other events, kids have cut across the end of the basketball court with a game underway, interfering with the movement of referees and the game.

Some parents drop young kids off at the school, then take off back home or to do whatever they have planned for the next couple hours. Kids run loose in the auxiliary gym north of the main court, the hallways, and the cafeteria area.

Now District 777 is implementing rules of behavior for kids and adults at events. At the April 17 board of education meeting, a new set of spectator policies was adopted, giving staff supervising events authority to deal with behavior problems.

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