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The Necessity Of Duplicity

By Reed Anfinson
Publisher, Swift County Monitor-News

Body Cams: Privacy v. The Public’s Right to Know

By Reed Anfinson
Publisher - Swift County Monitor-News

The Politics of Fear

By Reed Anfinson

Golf Club Valuable Community Asset

Let’s start with the acknowledgement that there are no easy answers to the financial crunch faced by the Benson Golf

Appleton prison a win-win for state

Minnesota’s Legislature will face a crucial decision on the future of prison facilities in the state when it weighs w

The Prairie

    Imagine: the tall  grass moving in an undulating fashion, the colors changing with the ever persisting prairie wi


by Hege Herfindahl

A New Year’s Resolution Wish

by Reed Anfinson, Editor & Publisher

Pheasants - High Hopes And Realities

Western Minnesota was once a destination for hunters each fall as they set out to hunt ring-necked pheasants.

National Security Versus A Free Press

by Reed Anfinson, Editor, Publisher
A Drop of Ink

It’s Time To Legalize Medical Marijuana

By Reed Anfinson, Editor, Publisher


After the second or third polar vortex, I am getting tired of being inside, at home.

We Need To Address Why People Don’t Move Here

by Reed Anfinson, Editor-Publisher

Then & Now

Kathy A. Weckwerth

A Drop of Ink

by Reed Anfinson, Editor - Publisher

View From A Prairie Home

by Hege Herfindahl

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