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Students will be in class into first week of June

Lead Summary

The bitter cold and blizzard conditions that marked January led to four days of school being cancelled.
January 6 the high only reached a minus 11 degrees after a low of a minus 24 degrees. With the National Weather Service forecasting bitterly cold windchills, Gov. Mark Dayton order all state schools closed. Windchills fell to a very dangerous 52 below zero that day in Benson and 57 below in the Glenwood area.
January 16 winds gusting 50 mph created blizzard conditions throughout western Minnesota, reducing visibility to the front end or a vehicle at times. Multiple cars went into the ditches along area roads.
January 22 bitter cold and blowing snow led to schools being closed.
January 27 schools were closed with blizzard conditions reduced visibility, caused drifts to form across roads and dropped windchills to a minus 45 degrees.
June 4 and June 5 will now be full days for students and the last day of school will be June 6 with a 12:45 dismissal for students. The make-up days are listed below.
Lost Day     Cause    Make-up Day
Jan. 6    Dangerous windchill    Monday, Feb. 17
Jan. 16    Blizzard    Monday, April 21
Jan. 22    Cold, blowing snow    Thursday, June 5
Jan. 27    Windchill, blizzard    Friday, June 6

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