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Snow delays spring; lessens fire threat

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After seeing a stretch of nine days in the middle of March where high temperatures averaged nearly 60 degrees, including a high of 73 degrees March 15, it seemed the area was well on its way into spring. But winter has made a return visit.
Four inches of snow fell Sunday covering ground that had been snow free since March 8.
More snow was forecast to fall Tuesday into Wednesday though how much the area will get depends on how warm it is when the precipitation falls. Highs are forecast to be around 40 Tuesday and Wednesday, which means some of the precipitation could come as rain.
March is the snowiest month of the year averaging 8.55 inches. It has the record for the most snow in any single month of the year with 37.2 inches in 1965.
Photo:  The Heike family in Benson hated wasting "perfectly good snow" today and expressed their un-spring-like sentiments in an upside down snowman.

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