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Shauna Knaphus (Norby), August 21, 2023

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August 21, after a life of adventure, joy and challenges, Shauna Knaphus (Norby) continues her spiritual journey. She leaves behind her loving husband, Glen Norby, her devoted brothers and sisters and her beautiful Springers, Gertie and Chloe.

Shauna was a force of nature, a unique woman who greeted each person with a smile and each day with a desire to live fully and lovingly.

Shauna was graced with sobriety and the gift of friends who walked the same path of self-reflection and growth.

Shauna believed her life’s mission was to love her family, her Springers, the open road and her friends. She shared this wonderful life with a man she cherished and loved.

Shauna’s life was a collection of remarkable stories. Shauna was the first woman in Utah to own her own Harley. Shauna and Glen honeymooned on their bikes and rode the better part of the country together. She was the first woman to work for Utah Power and Light as an electrician. Later, she worked construction traveling the western states with her husband and Springers in an RV making friends on every job. After suffering a serious injury, Shauna obtained a degree and worked as a respiratory therapist. As her pain increased, Shauna found peace in her home and garden.

As we say goodbye to Shauna, we must say, “No one worked harder, loved deeper or laughed more than this amazing woman.”

When you hear the  blues, Deep Purple, Vasser Clemens, or an inspiring symphony, think of Shauna.

Shauna is survived by her husband, Glen Norby, her sisters-in-law: Julie Sponsler and Lynnette Tessum, and brothers-in-law: Eldon Norby, Dean Norby, John Norby, Steve Norby, and Nathan Norby.

She is preceded in death by Arlene and LuVerne Norby and Mary Normann.

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