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SCBH approves purchase of new security cameras

Lead Summary

Swift County-Benson Hospital is spending $17,336 for the purchase of a video security system for outside its building as well as an upgrade of interior cameras.
At its meeting Monday night, the hospital governing board unanimously approved the purchase and installation of cameras that will monitor all four sides of its building.
There will be four cameras each with a 180-degree view. They will cover not only the hospital, but the Affiliated Community Medical Centers as well.
It will also take the security system off of the hospital’s computer network. Security systems linked to computers are one of the openings through which hackers can gain access to a hospital’s medical records, CEO Kurt Waldbillig told the governing board. “So we are taking it off of that network,” he said.
The system also will allow the hospital to give the Benson Police Department access to its cameras.

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