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Plans for assisted living facility moving forward

Lead Summary

Construction of an assisted living facility that would include independent living quarters as well as a dementia unit has moved from an idea to pursuing making the project a reality.
Benson’s Planning Commission will be meeting Monday to start the process of rezoning the land on which the facility is to be built from residential single family housing to multiple-unit housing. That process starts with a request form the property owner then goes through the public hearing process as an ordinance is presented to change the zoning.
The proposed site is west of Minnesota Highway 29 north between the highway and the Hawleywood residential development. It is also just across the highway from the baseball fields at the Northside Recreation Area.
An advantage of the site is that the facility would be highly visible to people traveling through the community.
Photo:  Three open houses were conducted by the City of Benson and Swift County-Benson Hospital Foundation to give people a look at the designs for a memory loss-assisted living facility planned for Benson. It would be built on the west side of Minnesota Highway 29 north.

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