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Building A Better Future For Our Children

In May 2015, following the decisive loss of the Benson Public School’s levy referendum we wrote, “Goodwill, low negat

The Injustice of Zero Tolerance

Publisher’s note: There are  times when we feel strongly about an issue, but find someone who is more articulate, mor

Water Wars On the Horizon

Today’s U.S.

A Growing Distortion In America's Politics

As America becomes more urban and rural areas are unsettled, a growing disparity in our nation’s power structure is b

An Opportunity And A Challenge

We read two stories this past week that seem at odds with each other.

Are We A Less Thoughtful Society

Are we a less thoughtful, less civil society today than we used to be?

Our Community Is Looking For Leaders

People seeking election to the U.S. Senate, the U.S.

For Taxpayers, Local Governments Are Connected

We’ve heard a few comments lately from Swift County public officials that have given us the distinct impression they

Europe Union Acts To Protect Its Pollinators

With increasing anxiety, we’ve read stories over the past years about the beehive colony collapses, the die-off of la

'Snowbirds' Crucial to Keeping Congressional Seat

In just two years, the federal government will be conducting its decennial Census – a head count of everyone living i

Benson School Levy Should Be Our Focus

By Reed Anfinson
Editor, Swift County Monitor-News

A "Wall" Wastes America's Resources

Would you guess that more immigrants are coming into the U.S. today than ever before?

Crushing Newsprint Tariffs Threaten Newspaper

By Reed Anfinson
Publisher, Swift County Monitor-News

Scandi Haven Village A Reality Due To Persistant Determination of SCBHS Board, Staff

By Reed Anfinson
Publisher, Swift County Monitor-News

Truth Can't Compete With Lies On Social Media

By Reed Anfinson
Publisher, Swift County Monitor-News

Our Problem Isn't Video Games; It's Guns

By Reed Anfinson
Publisher, Swift County Monitor-News

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