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Ensure Green Energy Respects Rural Beauty

You’ve built your dream home with a beautiful unobstructed view of the country landscape around it.

Local Grocery Stores Essential To Our Communities

Our rural grocery stores are essential fixtures of our communities that deserve far more support from the public than

Public Notice Has Historic Role With Newspapers

Efforts are underway in the Minnesota Legislature to further damage the future of the state’s community newspapers.

Seeing Each Other Is Good For Us - Do It More

Hanging out with friends is good for your mental health and overall happiness.

Representative Democracy Dying With Newspapers

“If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress, and Assemblies, judges and governors

To Reach Rural Voters Support A Rural Life

If you say you know the cause of a problem, you had better have a good understanding of what’s at the heart of it.

Nurturing Play Could Lead To New Discoveries

Is “necessity the mother of invention,” or is there something else more fundamental at work?

Civility’s Lessons Start With Us And At Home

“Civility has worsened in the United States, and most people blame social media and the media generally,” the 2023 Am

Local Government Must Be Personal Not Remote

There is nothing like a packed meeting room to get the attention of elected officials.

A Community Needs Every Voice To Contribute

Love Your Children? Get Them Vaccinated

It’s a worrisome trend that gained traction during the COVID-19 pandemic – a lack of trust in vaccines.

Heed The Warnings, Or Suffer The Consequences

In a months-long investigation of America’s aquifers, The New York Times reporters interviewed more than 100 experts

Sense of Community Antidote For ‘Gut Level Hate’

For many who treasure America’s representative democracy, what has been happening in recent years is frightening.

Lack Of Playtime Hurting America’s Youth

By Reed Anfinson

Creating An Unwanted Stereotype Of Small Towns

By Reed Anfinson

Weather: ‘Deadly,’ ‘Alarming’ And ‘Terrifying’

As the Canadian smoke rolled into western Minnesota Friday, it was so thick it appeared to be a wall of rain showers.

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