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Northside students commit many ‘acts of kindness’

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By Reed Anfinson


Students in grades kindergarten through fifth at the Northside Elementary School participated in the The Great Kindness Challenge last week. 

The Great Kindness Challenge is a proactive and positive social and emotional learning-focused bullying prevention program that improves school climate and increases student engagement,” the program’s website says.

“The Great Kindness Challenge – School Edition is one week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible on campus. Using the provided kindness checklist, students accept the challenge and show the world that kindness matters.”

This year’s theme was “Grow Kindness.” Students at the Northside were been busy growing kindness by extending smiles, gratitude and thoughtful acts of kindness and compassion, Northside teacher Deb Ose said.

Each classroom received a plant Monday, Jan. 23, to remind students to “grow kindness” in their acts.  Students and staff participated in daily activities, including introducing the challenge with classrooms viewing a video and talking about what kindness is, and how we can spread kindness. 

Tuesday students participated in writing a note of kindness and appreciation to another student, the students then delivered these notes to those students. 

Wednesday each class was assigned to a specific group of staff to show a random act of kindness.

Thursday students and staff had their picture taken in the gym with a sing-a-long thanks to music teacher Shelly Mikkelson for all her work. 

Friday, each class was paired with another class to participate in an activity of their choice.  Students will work together, and become acquainted with other classrooms.  Northside Elementary looks forward to Growing Kindness! Ose, who provided this  information to the Monitor-News, said.

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