Notice of the Swift County Board of Commissioners Meeting Change

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The Swift County Board of Commissioners does hereby give notice of their intent to adopt the Swift County Subsurface Sewage Treatment System Management Ordinance, 2014.  A technical panel consisting of five regional Planning and Zoning Administrators reviewed the ordinance and met with Minnesota Pollution Control Agency staff on January 13, 2014 and on Feb. 10, 2014 to confirm it met their criteria checklist.  The public hearing on this matter will be held in the Commissioners board room of the courthouse on:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
1:00 p.m.

The Swift County Subsurface Sewage Treatment Management Ordinance will replace the Swift County Sewage Treatment Ordinance.
A complete copy of the ordinance is available for review on the County website: or in the Environmental Services Office.  Written comments can be submitted to the attention of the Commissioners, 314 14th St. N, Benson, MN  56215
This sewer ordinance update is mandated by the State but should not be of major concern since the technical standards for designing/installing sewers with less that 2500 gal/day has not changed recently.  The State is allowing counties to adopt some alternative local standards from the 2006 version of MN Rules Chapter 7080 because they are less restrictive than the current code.  The County will administer this program in all jurisdictions of Swift County that don’t have their own ordinance for subsurface sewage treatment systems.  The following points summarize changes from the last ordinance:
• Tank sizing can be reduced with use of filters
• Tank depth is based on the manufacturer’s maximum recommendation
•     Mandated upgrades on failing systems will be 12 months rather than 10 months
•    Mandated upgrades on imminent public health threats will be 10 months rather than 60 days
•    Sewer permit design forms must be obtained from the University of MN Extension’s site specifically using forms for systems prior to 2008
• Homeowners will still be allowed to install their own gravity systems with a design from a licensed professional
• Class I sizing will be required on all new construction.

All interested persons may appear and be heard at said place and time.

Dated: April 28, 2014
Scott Collins, Director
Swift County Environmental Services

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