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Marble Eyes claims title after final fishing league night

Lead Summary

The last event of the season was held on Camp Lake.  As teams were putting boats in the water, the weather didn’t look like it was going to let the event get underway.  The lightning and most of the rain missed the area, so fishing was able to stay on schedule.  There were only 9 walleyes and 1 northern brought to measure, so the race stayed very tight until the last fish was measured.  Only one team brought 2 fish to measure; the other teams had zero or one fish each.  The fish caught were large ones, however.  Six of the nine walleyes were over 20”.  All of those large walleyes were released back to the lake in good shape.  The largest walleye was a 28” beauty caught by Tom Hollingsworth.  Largest northern at 24.5” was brought in by Nathan Thompson.  For this event, Rod Busters took first place at 9 points with that big walleye.  Second place went to White Fins with two walleyes 16.75” and 18.25” earning 8 points.  Googan took third place for the evening at 7 points with a big 25” walleye caught in the last 4 minutes before the close of fishing.
 As expected, the battle for the top spots for this year’s season would be decided in the end by one fish.  A missed hookset, a net man error, or a line snipped by a big northern’s teeth were devastating.  Especially if another team boat was close enough to witness the fiasco and offer some good-natured ribbing.  The final team standings has Marble Eyes (Nathan Thompson and Bob Hoberg) holding onto first place honors.  One point back in second place is Hot Shots (Phil Forbord and Doug Manzke).  The battle for third place was also decided by one point with Quarter After edging out White Fins, 60-59.  Team points earned this year totaled 599 points.  The season total for 2013 was 629 points, and the total for 2012 was 462 points.  The league season may be over, but good fishing continues.  The league encourages you to come out fishing, and take a kid or senior with you.
Photo: Tom Hollingsworth caught this 28-inch walleye during the final week of the season at Camp Lake.  Submitted photos.


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