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Highway 29 detour starts in July

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Starting in July, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) will be milling down 11 miles of Minnesota Highway 29 south from the Benson city limits to Minnesota Highway 40. It will also be replacing three bridges.
It is estimated the $6.5 million project will be completed in October. During the nearly four months that the work is underway, the highway will be closed.
That will mean traffic heading south from Benson will be detoured. The MnDot official detour out of Benson has drivers taking U.S. Highway 12 east to DeGraff where they will be detoured on Swift County 31 south. The highway becomes Chippewa County 4 7.7 miles south of DeGraff. It is then another 3 miles to Minnesota Highway 40. Drivers will take a right on Highway 40 and travel 6 miles west to where Highway 40 and Minnesota Highway 29 join.
Traffic coming north toward Benson on Minnesota Highway 29 or Minnesota Highway 40 will have to take the detour going south on Chippewa County 4. It turns into Swift County 31 three miles south of Minnesota Highway 40. The detour then goes into DeGraff where drivers will take U.S. Highway 12 west into Benson.
There is no easy detour coming off of Minnesota 29 south from Montevideo that takes a driver straight south to U.S. 12 west of Benson on a tar road. That means a lot of drivers who don’t want to go well out of their way to get to Benson, will be using those gravel roads.
There will be a lot of traffic closer to Benson, west of Minnesota 29.
Photo:  Snow on Hwy. 29 south will give way to construction vehicles and detours come July.

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