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Hanson a leader in nurturing girls sports at Benson High School

Lead Summary

By Mitchell Levesque
Swift County Monitor-News
Janel Hanson has always liked sports. When she was younger she remembers going to state basketball games where her dad would cheer for the underdog. When she was in high school during the 1960s her brother was a three-sport athlete, playing basketball and football, as well as running track. 
However, Hanson never played at the varsity level herself. That’s because at the time Title IX, the law that stated on the basis of sex no person shall be excluded from the benefits of an education program, was not yet in existence. “I always look at it that he got to do those things, and like I said, we went to the games to cheer the guys on,” Hanson said. She took what she could get, utilizing the summer recreation program for activities such as tumbling, track, and tennis.
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