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Evenson Benson's new mayor; Enderson and Carruth win council seats

By Reed Anfinson
Benson Council Member Jack Evenson easily won election as the city’s next mayor receiving just over 84% of the votes cast in Tuesday’s general election. His terms begins Jan. 2 and lasts two years.
Current Mayor Terri Collins did not seek re-election. Collins was elected to her first term as the Benson mayor in 2017 and was the first woman to serve in that post.
Mayor Benson                   Votes          Percent
Jack Evenson                                   955                     84.14%
Nick Hard                                           166                      14.63%
Despite his name being initially left off the ballot, Dan Enderson received the most votes in a three-way race for two seats on the city council. Enderson received 840 votes and Chris Carruth 734 to win the two four-year terms on the council. Incumbent Council Member Lucas Olson received 489 votes.
Olson won his first term on the council in a special election Jan. 10, 2017, to complete the three years left in Jonathon Pogge-Weaver’s term. He was then re-elected to the council in 2019.
Current Council Member Jon Buyck did not file for re-election.
Council                               Votes          Percent
Dan Enderson                                  840                     40.54%
Chris Carruth                                   734                     35.42%
Lucas Olson                                       489                     23.60%


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