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EDA approves money to help with purchase of KSCR/KBMO Radio

Lead Summary

by Reed Anfinson, Editor
Benson’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) approved a $30,000 loan for John Jennings and Justin Klinghagen to facilitate the purchase of the KSCR/KBMO Radio.

Jennings and Klinghagen are negotiating the purchase of the radio stations from owner Paul Estenson. Estenson, who is a member of the EDA board, did not attend the meeting citing a conflict of interest in the loan decision.

The funds will be used for the upgrade of the station’s outdated equipment, Jennings told the EDA board at its meeting last Thursday. The purchase includes the station’s building and tower site. Jennings and Klinghagen are partners in KKLN “The Loon” in Willmar.

The two are investing $30,000 of their own assets into the business as well as seeking financing through the First Security Bank in Benson and the Small Business Administration.

“We are awfully excited about the Benson station,” Jennings told the EDA. They said there is a very loyal following of KSCR and KBMO and they want to bring the stations “back to their roots.” They plan on eliminating the satellite feed for programming and go with an emphasis on local content, he said.

While the building looks good on the outside, Jennings told the EDA, on the inside it needs a lot of help. The equipment is antiquated and needs to be updated with today’s more modern radio technology. They also want to buy more microphones and set up a “community roundtable” where they can interview local people.

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