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December 10 sees record temperature set

Lead Summary

Benson set a record temperature Thursday when the low only fell to 36 degrees. The previous high low temperature was 29 degrees set Dec. 10, 1979. The average low for Dec. 10 is 10 degrees and the record low for the date is a minus 22 degrees set in 1955.
Thursday’s high was 48 degrees, but that was 3 degrees short of the record high temperature for Dec. 10 of 51 degrees set in 2001. The average high for the date is 26 degrees.
The day dawned with rain, mild winds gusting to 16 mph out of the northwest and the temperature at 39 degrees. But the skies cleared around noon and the temperatures began to warm. Friday's forecast was for a high of 36 degrees, which was hit shortly after midnight, and a low of 29 degrees.

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