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CNH plans to leave Civic Center, city has options

Lead Summary

CNH has given the City of Benson notice that it will be vacating the space it has leased for the past 11 years in the north one-third of the Civic Center.
That lease has provided $26,000 in revenue annually that has been used to improve the south portion of the building that houses the indoor skating rink that is primarily used for the Benson Public Schools hockey program. Over the years, the funds have helped build locker rooms and a heated viewing area as well as pay for ongoing repairs.
Last February, the council approved the Civic Center board moving ahead with improvements to the facility that could total between $245,000 and $370,000. It was expected that the lease payment along with the $4,022 in real estate taxes paid by CNH would help pay for the improvements. The city has been forwarding those tax payments to the Civic Center.
The Civic Center improvements, however, cost much less. In the end, they cost was closer to $130,000. The debt is now down to about $100,000 with the city extending a line of credit to finance the debt.
The Benson Hockey Association (BHA) pays $5,000 per month to the Civic Center for its use.
Photo:  Not only boys hockey, but girls hockey has been a popular sport in Benson since at least 2000.

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