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Carruth, Samuelson, Berens reelected to school board

By Reed Anfinson
Brian Samuelson, Paul Carruth, and James Berens all won reelection to four-year terms on the District 777 Board of Education in Tuesday evening's general election.
There were five candidates running for the three open seats. Melissa Wrobleski and Ron Hanson were the other two candidates. Wrobleski missed winning a seat by just 21 votes.
Candidate                    Votes               Percent
Paul Carruth                            1,604                        28.66%
Brian Samuelson                   1,203                        21.50%
Jim Berens                                1,082                        19.34%
Melissa Wrobleski                1,061                         18.96%
Ron Hanson                             619                             11.06%
Mary Langan, Bill McGeary, Eric Peterson, and Gary Williams are in the middle of their current four-year terms.


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