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Bridal special: Army furlough sets plans for wedding

As Mary Tatge (Vivian, S.D., class of 1937) tells the story of her wedding day:  
“We were the first couple to have a church wedding in my hometown of Vivian, South Dakota.  
The ladies of the new church brought their blooming house plants to decorate the sanctuary because it was so dry that year that the grasshoppers had eaten everything else.  They were able to get a roll of white wrapping paper from the local grocery store to put down the aisle, over which they scattered yellow sunflower petals, evidence of one of the only living flowers that year, 1942.
Orville was in the army, stationed in Lompoc, California, but he got a furlough to come home for the wedding, as did many servicemen of the day.”

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Benson’s first schoolhouse needs repairs

by Reed Anfinson, Editor
Though $40,000 was budgeted last year for repair and upgrade of the historic school building that sits in Ambush Park, not all members of the Benson City Council are sure it is a wise expenditure.
The alternative is eventually hauling it away and then burning it down.

Benson’s first schoolhouse has traveled around since it was built in 1871 on the site of today’s Swift County Courthouse. After being used for eight years, it was replaced in 1879 with a new brick building, according to a history of the building written by Benson resident the late Howard W. Peterson. No longer needed, the school was sold to the Conference Congregation and put to use as a church. But when its size no longer met the needs of the congregation, it was sold to the parishioners of Six Mile Grove Township and moved several miles southwest of Benson.

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