Threats cause evacuation at Benson High School during basketball game

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Apparent “direct terroristic threats” on social media by an individual caused the evacuation of Benson High School's gymnasium as people were watching a boys basketball game between Breckenridge and MCCRAY Friday evening. The game was part of a two-day Case IH tournament at the high school. The second scheduled game between Benson and ACGC was postponed.

The evacuation was handled quickly with no incidents with the help of the Benson Police Department and school personnel, the Monitor-News was told.

The individual who is alleged to have made the threats is in custody following a brief search by Benson police and the Minnesota State Patrol.


Benson High School has put out the following statement at 7:34 p.m., Friday evening:

The Benson Boys’ Basketball tournament was suspended at 6:55 p.m. and the school evacuated. Benson Police Department asked school officials to cease all activities at Benson High School due to terroristic threats made to the facilities and the student body. The individual who was involved in the threat was arrested and detained before any harm could be done. An investigation is being conducted. 

The boys basketball tournament will resume on Saturday, December 16th.


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