County to invest $92,000 more in GIS

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While Swift County personnel and departments have become active users of the Geographic Information System (GIS) pictometry data that has been collected over the past three years, the county commissioners also want the public to eventually have access to it.

The county is looking at spending another $92,000 for updated aerial pictometry photos in 2018 to give it current data. The last comprehensive photo map of the county was taken in 2015 and cost $76,000.

Through the use of pictometry, Swift County has been developing a comprehensive inventory of the land and structures that cover its 752 square miles. Starting in 2015, the county contracted to have high-resolution aerial photos taken and then entered in to a computerized geographic information system (GIS) database.

Pictometry gives the county an extremely detailed and accurate map of the land showing streams, rivers, wetlands, wooded areas, and lakes. It shows feedlots, cropland including acres that are irrigated, pastureland, private ditches, and public ditches. It shows the structures on the land including houses, barns, machinery sheds, grain storage facilities, poultry barns, fuel storage tanks and windmills. Those photos also give accurate data on section corner markers and detailed parcel information.

Not only do those photos show an overhead view of the land, they also can give an oblique view that allows side views of structures on a piece of property. Those side views are accurate enough to allow the height of buildings to be measured....


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