Final week of Swift Fishing League

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Week number 6-of-7 for the Swift Fishing League was held Thursday, June 18 at Camp Lake.  At the 6 p.m. opening horn, it was sunny, 74 degrees, nearly calm wind, and surface water temp of 75.  Tough conditions for a walleye bite.  That turned out to be true, as only one walleye was measured that evening.  The lone walleye was 14.25”, caught by Bob Hoberg.  The northerns did cooperate a little better, with teams bringing in 7 to measure.  The largest was Team White Fins with a 29.5” dandy caught by Jon “Bucktail” Dale, subbing for Steve Benson.  He took jabs from other teams for tossing muskie lures all night, but it paid off with that 4 point fish, plus a bonus point for largest fish.  That was enough to tie his team for first place in last week’s event with Team Quarter After (Jamie Naig and John Goulet) who brought in two northerns 26.5” and 24.5”.  Third place for the evening went to Team Marble Eyes (Bob and Krista Hoberg, subbing for Nathan Thompson) with a 14.25” walleye and 24.5” northern.
With one event left in the season, the standings has Hot Shots with a small 4-point lead over Quarter After.
The Swift Fishing League is made up of twelve teams from the Swift County area. The league fishes one event per week for seven weeks. Each team is allowed to measure a combination of six walleyes and northern pike per event. Points are awarded based on the length of the fish, plus one show-up point each week for attending. First, second, and third place are recognized each week. Awards are also given to the season-long winners.

Swift Fishing League team standings (after week #6)
Hot Shots (Phil Forbord-Doug Manzke)    40
Quarter After (Jamie Naig-John Goulet)    36
White Fins (Steve Benson-Jeff Reuss)     35
Sheepshead Slayers (Dave Benson-Rob Lee)    30
That’s a Keeper (Byron Giese-Jeremy Schauer)    28
Rod Busters (Tom Hollingsworth-Jeff Erickson    22
Big Fish (Butch Hagen-Jerry Hagen)    20
Googan (Scott Lee-Bill Dineen)    17
Marble Eyes (Nathan Thompson-Bob Hoberg)    14
Shake n’ Bake (Randy McLean-Mike Haas)    13
Old Pole Benders (Bruce Bernardy-Pat McGeary)    10
No Namers (Brad Cegla-Dan Kuhn)    5

Photo:  Jeff Erickson (left) and Tom Hollingsworth hold up four nice walleyes caught during Swift Fishing League action early June in 2013 at Lake Oliver.  Submitted photo.


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