Benson wrestlers compete at Region NYWA and State Jaycees tourney

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The Regional NYWA tournament and the State Jaycee tournament was held the same day this year, and it forced wrestlers to make a choice about where to go.  “We offered our opinions as to where the kids should go, (if they qualified for both), and we let the parents decide.,” the youth coaches said.
State Jaycees results: (in Albany):
Max Nygaard-first, Jordan Grussing-first, McCoy Kurkosky-first, Jaiden Zimmerman-first, Nathan Bolduc-first, Taylor Ellingson-second, Graidy Zimmerman-third, Tait Kobbermann-fourth, and Johnny Kobbermann-fourth.
Region NYWA qualifiers: (in New London):  Adam Zosel, 4th; Aaron Zosel, 2nd; AJ Klassen, 5th; Kaden Kurkosky, 2nd; Thomas Dineen, 2nd; Mason Abner 3rd; and Preston McGee-DNP.  The State NYWA tournament will be held this week (Thursday-Saturday) in Rochester.  Results of area wrestlers will be run next week.

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